EAC / contemporary art space

In 2009, the National Directorate of Culture of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay opened a call for the creation of the Contemporary Art Space / EAC, in which I was selected based on a management project and my background. The following year, this pioneering space in our country opened its doors to the public, and I had the pleasure of being able to lead it until its first ten years of existence, in 2020. Its architectural implantation in the former Miguelete prison provided both additional motivation and challenges, and gave it a unique identity.

The EAC supported a practice open to experimentation and risk, with an international vocation, as a democratic space independent of market rules, with the work of a professional team. 267 exhibitions were held over 36 seasons, with artworks by more than 850 artists. These are the main documents of an exceptional experience.

EAC publications / English translation included  ↓

Vol. 1 / Crimes of Art

Vol. 3 / The art we make and what we do with art

Vol. 2 / One, several, almost all

Locals and visitors

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

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