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New art project in progress:  @lo_vello_art


Years ago, some people told me that they thought my pictures of fluff from used clothes, used on my previous work THE BELLY OF THE BEETLE, look like pubic hair. That idea resonated a lot on me, since I was always attracted to male body hair, and I discovered that somehow that trace was present, displaced into the work. After the new paths I followed for the exhibition at Blanes Museum, such as the creation of digital visual patterns, printed fabric and clothing, I began to experiment in those same directions, but this time with photographs of hairy male torsos taken for free from social networks, to build very aesthetically beautiful fractal designs. Thus, the new project was born with the double sense of vello y bello, a wordplay in Spanish, since vello means body hair and bello means beautiful, but the two words are pronounced the same, so it could also be seen as a misspelling.

The project LO VELLO plays (literally) with the notions of beauty and good taste, ironizing about the relationship between the ornamental and art, and about fetishes and affiliations, addictions and desires. Through the project I talk about contemporary relationships at a distance and mediated by networks, the way of relating to others through images and their anonymous consumption, but in this case also as an artistic input, not only voyeuristic. My body in front of the computer, myself as a subject mediating and producing, creating something with photos of male bodies that exhibit that trace object of my desire, available by hundreds, thousands, on the Internet.  An act of hunting.  A digital harvest.




This personal site seeks to be not only an approach to works always in progress, but also a way to capture ideas and share experiences in life as in art.

 Starting from the need to collect and review various transitions over many years, it is positioned as a space to make room for the new on these bases; a capsule that remains always permeable to changes and encounters.

“Capsule” applies to crew compartment in spaceships. Soluble drug wrap. Airtight container to preserve documents. Bacterial cell wall. Cover or membrane that surrounds both seeds and excretions.

Also a metaphor of oneself, of one as a possibility. A temporary identity with protective boundaries and different degrees of bidirectional permeability. A transitory and moving stability, with the risk of hermeticity and also of fusion, of rupture of a membrane always embroidered with words, imagery and symbols. Yet another way of inventing time, leaving traces.


My own works, work of others and curating, production, fixed or moving visual worlds, objects.

Exhibitions, installations, art awards and calls, texts, procedures, also negotiations.

I have never stopped having different types of relations with art.

those places

Explore the world by land, sea and air. Feel like a citizen of the planet.

Visit the neighbor’s house.

Photographs and videos that create landmarks on a map and document our gaze.

life / biographical perspective

To put into perspective the very different things done along the way, it is also good to review what we have said and what has been said about us, trying to reflect through that certain mist of information typical of our time.

Along the way there have been several roles to play and all have been mixed in the experience.


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